About Us

Sherman Elementary School is a tight-knit, unique and diverse community located in San Francisco's Cow Hollow District. Sherman's after school program, Sharks Until Dark, has a variety of Expanded Learning offerings at Sherman. We are here to support our youth and families through thick & thin. We are one of many programs within the 501c3 non-profit organization Bay Area Community Resources providing after school & expanded learning services. BACR provides learning opportunities & support so that every student can succeed where it matters most.

On Sherman's team we have a strong cohort of experienced educators and leaders who collaborate with the school to provide the best support possible. 

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Meet The Team

Meet Our Wonderful Team of Educators


Ms Sandy

Hi! My name’s Sandy and I’ve been working at Sherman Elementary School for about a year now,
and I’m currently working in our Outdoor Program! My favorite thing about my job is the great community we’ve built together and seeing my students’ talents and creativity thrive in the great outdoors! A fun fact about me is that I can sing the alphabet backwards!


Ms Marta

My name is Marta Walsh and I started at Sherman Elementary 6 years ago, fell in love with the kids and never left. Their creativity and imaginations inspire me everyday! I am currently working as the program Administrative Assistant and Outdoor Education teacher.


Ms Danielle

My name is Danielle, and I have been working for 1 year as enrichment teacher at Sherman. I love working at Sharks because we get to know the students in a slightly different environment than their school day, it feels like we can focus more on character-building and other things they may be interested in that they don’t exactly get to do in school!


Meet The Team

Meet Our Wonderful Team of Educators


Ms Bella

Bella has been working at Sherman for 4 year, currently as a virtual enrichment teacher and a linkday support member - supporting with tutoring and mentoring. Her favorite thing about Sherman community is how willing we are to work together, and support each other
fun fact: She has visited the Taj Mahal!

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Ms Habiba

Hello! My name is Ms Habiba. I have been in Shark Until The Dark Program for 3 years. I am a program leader currently working in the virtual program. My favorite thing about being a part of the Sherman community is engaging with children in activities. One fact about me is that I am bilingual, I speak English and Arabic!



Angie is currently a virtual program leader for SUD. Angie enjoys arts and crafts, plants, animals, and movies. Fun facts: Angie loves to garden & go on hikes in nature!


Meet The Team

Meet Our Wonderful Team of Educators


Mr Simon

Mr Simon is going on 2 years working at Sherman. He works as a STEM enrichment teacher in Outdoor Education, with a biology focus. His favorite part of being with the Sherman community is watching the students develop their scientific knowledge, as well as their interpersonal skills. Simon loves traveling, and has been to 13 countries and counting! His favorite method of traveling is by cruises ship, and favorite trip so far was to Japan.


Ms Belinda

Belinda is the Kinder enrichment teacher for SUD for the past 3 years. She is currently working as the kinder virtual enrichment teacher and school linkday support. What she loves most about the Sherman community is how we all help and support each other. She loves reading, yoga and pasta!

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Mr Augie

Mr Augie