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Sherman Sharks: After School

Enrichment Classes

We offer a variety of high quality enrichment classes included in our After School Program! Some enrichments include STEAM, Cooking, Recreation, Garden and much more.

Academic Time

Our staff provide homework help and academic support. We align our students academic goals to meet those of the school day, and work closely with the school admin and teachers to ensure all students are supported as best as possible.

Community & Relationship Building

In our program, students spend time focusing on developing their social-emotional skills and build meaningful relationships

Our Programs: Our Programs
Our Programs: Youth Programs


Students in our program will engage in STEAM Enrichments - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.


Monday - Friday SUD Schedule



Students are dismissed from school day and signed in to SUD. They then have a long recess to transition to after school


Enrichment/Tribe Time

Monday's and Friday's the students participate in "Tribe Time" activities with their group. These are primarily community building activities. 
Tuesday's -Thursday's students rotate to their enrichment lessons.


Supper & Recess

During this time supper is provided free of cost. Supper is a large afternoon meal, with hot and cold options. 
The first pick up window is also during this time.


Academic Time

During this time students complete their homework with support from their program leaders. Students who have completed homework work on other academic options, such as reading and writing.

Friday's: there is no academic time on Friday. Instead, students participate in "Friday Clubs" of their choice. 



All of the students in program come together to pick a choice station they'd like to participate in during the pick up time. Choices typically include play structure, recreation, board games and homework club.


Community Time

In the final 15 minutes of program, all remaining students participate in a community building game or challenge.

Our Programs: Schedule

Wednesday: Early Release Schedule

Students are released from school at 12:50pm every Wednesday.



Students are released from school day and signed into after school, where they participate in recess.



Students participate in their enrichment rotations



Students have another recess break.


Wednesday Stations

Students pick a Wednesday Station during this time. Stations typically include: Recreation, Garden, Arts & Crafts, Homework and Board Games.


Supper & Recess

Students are provided supper and recess time - this is also the first pick-up window


Academic Time & Community Time

Academic support is provided before all students come together at the end of the day for community building activities.

Our Programs: Schedule
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